Backlit Photo Frame: To Make Those Special Pictures Stand Out

Ever fiddled around with the brightness setting of your phone or TV? Notice the huge difference that increasing the brightness brings to the picture quality? Colors are more vibrant, contrast is sharper- making the picture lifelike. It even affects the visibility of the picture itself, making it more visible in poorly lit situations or when there is bright light from outside shining on the screen. Increasing the brightness on specific parts of the picture can also attract the attention of the viewer directly on the spot, making any picture spellbinding.

The from New Light Portrait give you the same solution for your home, be it portraits, photographs or paintings. Lighting can make or break a photo. Conventionally photos were brightened with the help of spotlights or track lighting. However these were inefficient, obstructed the photo itself, cumbersome to put up, became an eyesore and needed maintenance and large amount of electricity. This new technology on the other hand overcomes all these problems.

New Light Portrait uses LEDs to illuminate any picture from behind making it more vibrant without actually blocking the view. LEDs while being extremely small are very energy efficient and much brighter than other light sources. The company provides customized solutions for every need- they can use the lights to provide an evenly bright surface or even focus on specific parts of the photo to bring them to focus. The compact nature of the lights makes the final product extremely thin (5/16th of an inch). They can then be hung on any wall. Their power requirements are very low but they do need a plug point and electricity to function. They also produce very little heat in comparison and carry a warranty of 2 years. When switched off they look like any normal painting. Available in sizes ranging from 8X10 to 24X36, they can accommodate a wide range of sizes in both portrait and landscape orientation. They come with a power cord attached that can be hidden between the portrait and the wall behind it.

For a starting price of $200 these backlit frames can easily transform any wall into a display fit for a gallery. The company and the CEO and inventor of the product Joe Brychell have put in around a million hours of work into the product and have gone through almost 200 prototypes before coming up with their patented design. No wonder they are extremely proud of their product and the fact that it helps them bring to light what they most cherish.